Christine Huggins is the President.  Christine had a massive stroke when she was 26 years old due to a common heart condition, Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). PFO is present in up to 25 percent of the general population. She has made steady progress from global aphasia.

Christine is passionate about helping people recovering from aphasia. Technology and social media are an important aspect in ending their isolation and contributing to adapting to their needs.  She coordinates ARC online support, created this website, and is currently working on the events,  including the Aphasia U Boot Camp Progam.

Christine is a native Ohioan. She graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College and earned her law degree with distinction from The University of Iowa College of Law. Huggins passed the Ohio Bar and clerked for the U.S. bankruptcy court in Cleveland. She has been granted inactive status by the Supreme Court of Ohio. 

Christine has been appointed by Governor John Kasich to the Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities for a three year term ending in 2016. 

Carol Dow-Richards is the Director of ARC, a writer, and speaker.  She has been an advocate for people with aphasia for twenty years, when her son suffered a stroke.  She is also the Director of ARC’s Aphasia U Boot Camp Program.

Carol facilitates the Aphasia Lunch Bunch by St. Rose Dominican Hospitals.  As a writer, she’s published in Topics in StrokeRehabilitation and others. 

She co-authored two books.  Brain Attack: My Journey of Recovery from Stroke and Aphasia and ARC’s Guide to Living with Aphasia.

She’s been a speaker at the ASHA Conferences and other national events.  She’s appeared on Good Morning America and other TV shows talking about aphasia.  Carol was awarded the Consumer Advocate Award by the Ohio Speech and Language Association for her work to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of those with aphasia. 

David Dow is the Vice-President. David had a massive stroke when he was ten years old due to a rare vascular disease called moyamoya. He is known for his YouTube videos. His story is available in print: Brain Attack: My Journey of Recovery from Stroke and Aphasia. The book will be released on iTunes in the fall of 2015. 

David presented at the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Conference in Chicago: "A Perspective From 18 Years After Childhood Stroke & Aphasia." He also spoke at ASHA in Orlando and was the keynote speaker for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Aphasia Day.

David started ARC Aphasia Cruises, a friendly option for traveling!  These programs have been popular for families to learn, share, and connect with one another. 

David was hospitalized for 3 months and went to speech therapy for 15 years.  He understands about aphasia because he has walked the road to recovery himself.

Kim Huggins is a former elementary school teacher who lives with Christine’s dad, Jim, an attorney.  They also have a son, Nick, in college.  He is a great supporter of Christine’s recovery!  They live in Ohio. Kim was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as Christine’s stroke. Kim and Christine both presented at the Aphasia Conference and the cruise. People like their visual, "aphasia-friendly" tips and lessons for people with aphasia. They are excellent presenters with great content! As a former teacher, she has used several teaching skills to encourage Christine in her recovery. She offers a weekly "Tip from Mrs. HUGG" on the ARC group page. She currently working on the Ohio Retreat and the ARC's Aphasia U Boot Camp Program.

Aphasia Recovery Connection was started by two young stroke survivors with aphasia.

Christine Huggins and David Dow assisted by their moms,

Kim Huggins and Carol Dow-Richards.